Livery prices are inclusive of VAT

  • SCHOOLING LIVERY: working on problems, bringing on youngsters or fulfilling a horse or ponies potential, Short or long term, with or without competition. £250pw
  • FULL LIVERY: Full care of the horse, putting on the walker, without exercise - £175pw
  • COMPETITION LIVERY: Please get in touch to talk about your horse, or purchasing a horse to watch compete. Possibly before taking it on yourself, or to enjoy watching its progress as a sole owner or part of a syndicate. Price will depend on the horse and your end goals. Amy is keen to find owners of talented horses she can take up to top level. Please get in touch if you think you have a horse that needs a rider to bring out its full potential or if you're interested in becoming an owner.
  • GRASS/RETIREMENT LIVERY:  Horse checked daily. Haylage fed when necessary, brought in for farrier, rugs changed when necessary.
  • - £35 pw no vat
  • BREAKING LIVERY:by arrangement tailored to the horse so price can vary /span> /span>


 All prices subject to VAT

  • Stable £20 per night/  £10 per day
  • Shavings £ 7 per bale
  • Plaiting / mane pulling  £25
  • Trimming £15
  • Activomed rug  £5 per treatment
  • Indoor lights  £8 per hour
  • outdoor lights  £12 per hour
  • other extras  £12.00per hour


  • Hacking - £25
  • Lunging - £20
  • Schooling - £35
  • gallop / interval training - £25
  • All Prices of Extras, Clipping and Exercise are subject to VAT.

Temporary holiday liveries

  • Spring summer, livery  + £10pw,
  • Autumn and winter, livery + £15pw,
  • Christmas and new year (7 days) livery + £20

As all liveries will require individual attention and often different needs, please feel free to contact us and if possible we will try to tailor a livery package to suit you.



  • Full   £60
  • Hunter clip half head  £50 , Full head  £55
  • Blanket clip half head  £40, full head £45
  • Trace clip, half head  £30, full head  £35
  • Low trace clip, no head  £25


  • Amy £35 showjumping or dressage

Amy Ovens is a UKCC Level 2 showjumping coach and offers dressage and showjumping training to all levels of rider . She offers both individual and group lessons and gets a lot of enjoyment from helping people to fulfill there potential and gain in confidence and ability .


The competition world would not exist without generous and supportive owners and sponsors. Amy aspires to compete at the highest level in showjumping and need sponsors and owners to do this. We offer many options for people wanting to enjoy watching their horse compete whether it's a small share in a syndicate or owning a string of horses.
Syndicates  : An affordable way of owning a horse choose the size of share you want in the horse and pay a fixed amount every month. A fun way to own a horse with friends make going to shows a sociable way to enjoy your horse. This can be owning part of a young horse and watching its progression or putting together a syndicate to buy a top class horse and travel to international shows.
Full Ownership or half ownership: Own your own horse or a half share, maybe you already own a horse that you would like to watch go further or you would like to breed or buy the next superstar. We would love to work with you to realise your ownership dreams.
Please get in touch to discuss your options whether it's buying a share in one of Amy's existing horses, looking for or breeding the next big thing in showjumping or basing your own horse with Amy, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Sponsorship opportunities . We strive to work hard to promote our sponsors and make the relationship mutually beneficial for both parties. We welcome all levels of sponsorship however big or small and are happy to help you with ideas of how the sponsorship would work best. We regularly travel nationally and internationally to shows have over 5000 followers on our facebook page and gathering momentum on instagram and twitter, your brand will be sure to reach a large audience on a regular basis 


We offer work experience or apprenticeships by arrangement. We believe this to be a huge benefit to people wanting to get a really good grounding in the industry. It gives you the knowledge and skills you need to get a job all over the world. Unlike a college we can tailor the training to the individual, whilst preparing them for the reality of working on a professional competition yard. This can be very beneficial for the majority of people, especially people who prefer hands on learning.


  • Floodlit outdoor Arena :- £30 per hour with jumps or dressage boards breakages must be paid for
  • flood lights £12 per hour
  • Indoor Arena :- £20 per hour, lights  £8  per hour

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